How to Make Baby Shower Favors


At a baby shower, it is usual for the host to give all the guests a small gift to thank them for coming to the party. (This would be in addition to any prizes the guest may have won during party games.) It is nice if the baby shower favors tie in with the theme of the shower, but they don’t have to if the host's creativity leads them in another direction.

Where to Get Baby Shower Favors

The guests aren’t coming to the party hoping to leave with lots of presents for themselves, so do not feel like you have to plan expensive baby shower party favors. Favors can be expensive, but they don’t have to be – and really shouldn’t.

Baby shower favors are available at many places. Probably the simplest is to buy them locally at a party store – the same place where you can get party decorations or things for goodie bags for a child’s birthday party. There are usually a variety of trinkets that can be used as favors, especially if teamed up with tulle or lace to make them more elegant and suitable as favors for adults. Another option is to buy baby shower favors online. There are many party companies that sell them, just be sure to order them with plenty of time for them to arrive. 

The most creative choice would be to make the baby shower favors yourself. These still do not need to be expensive! Certificates for the winners of the games can be printed up off the internet, as can many other things like cards, bookmarks, or games. Taking an instant photo with the guest of honor and the attendee, then framing it immediately so the guest can take it home with her is a wonderful way for the guests to remember the event.

Homemade baked goods like cookies, popcorn, jam or bread can be a very thoughtful gift. Some items that can be used to make favors are: candles, tea bags, bath beads, sachets, flowers, or Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses (tied in an elegant square of fabric).  Any of these decorated with tulle, doilies, pearls, or nice fabric will be quite elegant and suitable for the shower.

Favors are a nice way for the host or hosts to thank the guests for taking the time to attend the baby shower and bring a gift for the mother-to-be. It is nice to give the attendees a “little something” to show you planned ahead to thank them for attending.