Baby Shower Cake Creativity

The cake at a baby shower can be simple; planned to be served as the dessert, or it can be a major decorating feature of the party. It can be as simple as a sheet cake bought at the local grocery store or bakery and maybe have “Welcome baby” written on top, or it can be something much, much, more.

Creative Baby Shower Cakes

The secret behind a creative baby shower cake is to get a good idea. There are many clever ideas online. Some of them tie the cake directly to the theme, such as “Noah’s Ark”, or “Baby Animals”. Others are just plain cute cakes, like ones that are of baby booties or a baby face. Go online, look at some of the creative cakes out there and see if you can replicate them – with your own creative twist! 

A few of the cute ideas that are used as themes and/or baby shower cakes now-a-days are: baby ducks, Noah’s Ark (especially for twins!), pink or blue – or “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” (depending on expected baby’s sex), sports (for baby boys), princess (for baby girls), baby animals, or baby books (to start the baby’s library with the guests’ favorite books for babies). Cakes can be easily designed around any of these themes.

The Non-Edible “Baby Shower Cake” – A Diaper Cake

Something that is quite popular now-a-days is to make a “cake” out of disposable diapers. Not only is it clever and creative, but it also works as another gift for the mother-to-be, as the diapers can all be used later.

Even mothers who prefer to use cloth diapers on a regular basis welcome some disposable diapers for times they are on vacation or unexpected emergencies. Alternately, the cake can be made using cloth diapers – which the mother-to-be would probably welcome just as much! (Beware; they are more expensive to buy than the disposables, so the cake would probably be smaller.)

The “diaper cake” is made up of rolled disposable diapers. The top layer can have six, the middle layer about 15, and the base layer about 30. Each layer is secured by rubber bands, which are later covered by ribbon. Gifts can be hidden in the middle of each layer if desired. The bottom layer is put onto the cardboard for a stable base. Each layer is stacked, and wooden dowels are used from top to bottom to secure each layer on top of the other. The whole cake can be wrapped in cellophane to transport. It is a wonderful way to present the mother with a useable gift in a decorative fashion – as a baby shower cake!